I hate Fridays because it means group therapy.  It is in the afternoon which just makes the looming appointment worse. I have to take a bus to get there. It seems easy but I am sweaty from my body telling me I am not safe and to go home. I am usually crying a fair amount and just snuggle Wesker. 

 She is happy and just purrs and nuzzles me. She love the bus, so that makes it easier for me to take it. I won’t talk to anyone keep my head down and have my ear buds in. 

It isn’t even the group that I have an issue with. It is knowing that I have to go every friday. I hate appointments and it take every bit of inner strength I have to force myself to go. I just want stay in bed with my girls.  Life is so hard and it is a struggle to do anything.

I am clawing and grasping at anything to try to make life bareable. I have no idea how people do it without a support system or fur babies for constant cuddles and lovings.


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