Physical pain is nothing compared to mental pain.

My doctor’s and specialists are always surprised when I say I stay away from alcohol because I am scared it will make my anti-depressants not work as well. I am horribly mentally ill. I don’t want my medication not to work. I am barely able to keep myself live with it! Most people ( I don’t know if it is just around here or this is an everywhere problem) still drink on them. Why? Same with why people drink the whole time they are on antibiotics. Why even bother?

I have to wear a stupid wrist thing to prevent my wrist from moving. I have arthritis in one wrist and it hurts to move. I could take pain medications, but I won’t. I am so much chemical medication already. I can deal with the physical pain. What I can’t deal with is my body being worst than it is. I already have a permanently bum wrist and knees.



When I still was at work I had panic attacks everyday for a month at work before I went to my doctor. They kept trying to force me to leave my crying stall. They also never looked there first for me. I called it my crying stall to them… Wouldn’t you look there first for me when I scooted away crying?

I find people actually seeing a mentally ill person have an attack or episode scares them more than the person having it. It is like they think I am exaggerating until they witness it. Then they don’t know what to do, despite me telling them what to do if I ever have a panic attack. I openly talk about different kinds of attacks and what to do for each. I can’t think and run on instinct alone when having an attack. That is why I openly talk about it and let people know. I get violent if touched while having most of them.

Sweet, sweet cold water.

It is hilarious to watch people who have never been in the cold salt water ocean. I live off the Atlantic and unless swimming in a pool, I swim in the ocean. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be on the beach if it wasn’t to cool down. I hate the heat though. The ocean is my favorite place to go swimming. The beach is hot. There usually is a nice breeze from the ocean. I love going in the water. It is so refreshing. People who are not use to the cold salt water freak. It is amusing to watch. I hate the heat and I burn fast and badly if I am not covered and drenched in sunscreen. I do love the beach though.

How many times do I need to say I am suicidal before you get it?

My social worker keeps telling me that I am just having big feelings and doesn’t think I am actually suicidal. I told her I am not going to kill myself just to prove her wrong. I tell her all the time I am suicidal. I just don’t go into details. I have told her I am suicidal since I started going to her. She thinks I throw terms around all willy nilly. She doesn’t believe I have manic episodes. She calls them ‘What you call your manic episodes’ and tells me not to self diagnose. I asked my psychologist. I told her I was diagnosed with stress induced manic episodes and hallucinations. She still thinks I am just saying I have it and not actually have them. Why the hell would I lie or want to say I have them? Also maybe if she actually asked for updates from my doctor’s she would know. I signed forms saying they can share and ask for information when ever they need to. If I am going to get better they need to all talk and be in the same page. My social worker doesn’t care that I self harm. I mean I just destroy my mouth by bitting large hunks out, but it isn’t still bloody and self harm. Yet she forgets I do it and acts surprise every time I remind her.

So that happened

I woke up to my top right eye tooth being loose. I was wide awake. My tooth fell out into my hand and blood filled my mouth. I was sitting on the edge of my bed crying and freaking out while blood filled my mouth and ran down my face all over my legs, bed, and floor. Surprise! It was just a hallucination! I could still taste the blood but it gone. All of my teeth are still in my mouth and sturdy. So this is fun. I now know what it feels like to lose a tooth and have blood everywhere…

Maybe if you listen you’d know…

Most people get surprised how ‘dark and disturbed’ my mind is. I don’t hide it at all. The problem is I am super perky when healthy. I am naturally a smiling ray of sunshine. I talk about all of my likes and people seem to really only hear the sunshine rosy parts. It is weird. Friends I have known for years will randomly finally pay attention to what I am saying or find something in my apartment that they look at me weird. I love reading about cannibals. Especially ones that don’t kill anyone they just take a person who died and eat them. I have a book about the history of cannibals. People look at me weird when ever they see it. If you pay attention you would know from what I talk about that I find them interesting. I also make a lot of cannibal jokes. I shouldn’t, but I do. When ever anyone says that I have nice white skin I say ‘Thanks, I bath in the unborn’s blood.’ I am weird. I don’t know why it is my go to other than I find the blood countess interesting. I don’t hide my weird. It is confusing to me why people don’t pick up that I am that person who loves true crime and likes weird history.

Weird and socially awkward aren’t the same.

I am socially awkward, but an extrovert. When not an anxious mess I am out going. Because I am anxious, socially awkward and am a weirdo people don’t know what is what with me. It also gets mistake a lot. People always think I am shy or I have a crush on them or someone. No I legit just blush for no reason. It comes with anxiety. I always have and always will. Just ignore it.

I hate it when people who aren’t socially awkward think those who have it are weird. I have to tell people that others aren’t weird they are socially awkward and that is okay. They are good people and kind. Just accept them for them. I have been told over the years that I helped people come out of their shell and be confident in being them. There is nothing wrong with being a nerd, or liking some time that others may think are ‘childish’. I have a pony train and I brag about it all the time. People tell me it is okay I have a children’s toy. Of course it is okay. I am bragging. I also like when other people nerd out. Even if I don’t usually care about the subject I still like to hear why others like it and hear how much they love it. Seeing other people ‘nerd’ or ‘geek out’ is adorable.


I feel like people don’t understand how strong one has to be depressed or anxiety for long periods of time. We aren’t weak. We are strong and people should realize how hard just living is.

Isn’t that what suicidal means?

Why does no one think I am actually suicidal, when I say I am? I have to go into detail and tell them my plans. I am horribly ill and have been for almost 2 yrs. Of course I don’t want to live and I want to kill myself. I am depressed and anxious. I am heavily medicated at all times. At best I am able to tolerate life. When I say suicidal I mean I am trying not to act upon the constant urge to die. I told my new social worker I was suicidal and refused to do the exercise that is making my anxiety worse and making me suicidal. She told me I was just having ‘big feelings ‘ and ‘avoiding anxiety’. Then when I went into detail how bad I was getting. She started writing like a mo’fo and told me I never said I felt like that before. When I corrected her and said I definitely told her I was suicidal before. I told her last session. She said I didn’t go into detail. I am pretty sure suicidal is a term I can use instead of going into the nitty gritty details.