List three things you are greatful for. 

I am beyond grateful for my loving and supportive friends and family. I see the world different because my family made a safe magical world for me to grow up. I didn’t know gender roles, as male and females are equal and was raised with no questions.  I was one of the only girls in my elementary who shopped in both the boys and girls section. I wanted a power Ranger or tmnt t-shirt I got it. My parents still to this day buy me men’s t-shirts ( I have one on now). If you like it wear it. They raised me to be me and accept others for who they were. No judgement just unconditional love and acceptance.

My friends are really family. They accept and help me. They love me for me and that is all I can ask for. They are amazing souls who I am privileged to know. 

My fur babies are my world. They are the only children I will ever have and ever want. I could not ask for more loving and adaptable for my special needs. 


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