I have been diagnosed with anxiety for the past ¬†years, but have always had it. In June 2016 I began having panic attacks every day. By the end of July I was out of work. I now can not leave the house alone and have to take my service cat with me if I do not have a person to escort me around. Even with the cat, or a human it takes every thing I have to leave. I have panic attacks out regularly. Because of either my personality or my upbringing ( could be a mixture of the both) I have never thought it was shameful. Because I always had it to some degree I thought it was how everyone felt. Just they deal with it in a different way. The way how everyone feels anger but how it feels and how people react to it is different. I still have those ‘Oh crap, that isn’t what everything one is feels/thinks’ moments.

Please forgive any errors in spelling or grammar. My brain is apparently shutting down certain functions to deal with the stress. This causes a problem when having dyslexia and reading or writing and your brain decides to forget how you trained it.