People are always surprised that my cat stays in her carrier, or when she does climb out she crawls on me and is still leashed to her carrier. She doesn’t like being outside not in her carrier. She hates it and freaks out. She is a service cat. Why would I have a service cat that wasn’t trained to stay in her carrier? Also why would I make a cat be a

service animal if they hated going outside? People always think I am forcing her out. She has a sad sounding meow. She is really just saying hi. She is chatty, but people assume I am just a crazy with a cat. I am but not in they way they think. The cat is a legit service animal and a very good one at that.


4 thoughts on “Baby Wesker

  1. How sweet that your cat likes to wear a coat. Is it terrified of outside? It’s lucky it’s got you to understand it and help it with the anxieties of life. I’m looking forward to reading more stories about what it gets up to.

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    1. She is only scared of outside when she isn’t in her carrier. She likes going out in her carrier though. I didn’t even have to train her. She just loves going out and about. She gets upset if I take her sister to the vet without her. She tries to get into the carrier, while my other cat is trying to get out. Wesker has her own twitter. It is @BabyWesker .

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      1. She helps me a lot. When I have a panic attack out she gives me tons of cuddles and rubs against my face. My other cat never leaves my side when I am home and having a bad go. She kisses away my tears. 💗💖

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