I am told I name my fur babies odd names. When Mom was given the chance to name my first cat she named him Michael. He was a black and white tuxedo cat and she named him after Michael Jackson. My sister named her long haired gray and white tuxedo cat Angel. When Micheal died I was given a beautiful white and ginger tabby. I named her Padiddle. I am told it is a weird name, but I think it sounds adorable. I realize it is what you call a car with one headlight. I still think it sounds like a cute cat name. I named my black cat Wesker. Which 98% of people don’t get the reference and it annoys me. Resident evil is a massive franchise. Even if you don’t play the games how are you going to forget him if you watched all the movies? Once people find out that I named Wesker after a villain they look at me weird. I clearly love villains and Wesker loves to torture her prey. I think it suits her purrfeclty. I named my rabbit Maude. That gets more weird looks than Padiddle and Wesker put together. This confuses me since Maude is a first name. I get asked all the time where I came up with my pets’ names. No one thinks twice if you name your fur babies after a famous rock star but name them after Bea Arthur or Albert Wesker and you get weird looks. Wesker was supposed to be a ginger and white tabby named Paprika. I wanted Padiddle and Paprika. But I fell in love with a little black kitten who is adorable and evil.


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