I have no idea why my mother is friends with some people. She has a church group of friends that I grew up around and I am still puzzled why mom is friends with them. I grew up with their kids in the church. I was friends with them because our parents were friends. I am not still friends with them for a reason.

I have no time for people who start drama for no reason. Even as a high school student with anxiety I wouldn’t take it. I will flat out tell people you start rumors or are horrible to me we won’t be friends. I give one chance. I call them out on being awful, because I don’t deserve to feel like crap for no reason. I don’t know why anyone would be friends with someone they have to walk on egg shells around or who spoke badly about my children. If you can’t be honest with your friends then why have them? Mom is vocal and doesn’t like it, but she is still friends with them. They don’t deserve her to be honest. My mother is flawed, as is everyone, but being mean high-school girl is not one of her flaws. Unlike some of her friends…

I am too paranoid to being with. I don’t need my friends being something that adds to that. I don’t know if that is why I won’t put up with anything. I just want real kind loving friendships. People who you would do anything for and they would do anything for you.


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