I haven’t seen my father in a year. I am mentally unwell and my Nannie is making Mom and dad spend almost all of Christmas eve and Christmas day at her house. Mom and dad won’t say no to her because she is 92. I can’t do all the normal Christmas stuff so Nannie just cut me out of it and wants my parents. I told mom it was selfish of my grandmother to bogart my parents. Mom said Nannie didn’t think it was selfish. That is the problem. Everyone just let’s her call the shots. I am a suicidal anxious mess who they are all going to let spend Christmas eve and Christmas alone. Really? She has other children! She doesn’t have to be alone. She can come here even. Nope.

I am clearly not going to put up a fuss over who is going to see me when. But how selfish do you have to be to not give me one day. I am fine with either day. I get my parents after church Christmas eve night and Christmas night. Here is a helpful hint. If someone you love is suicidal you spend the holidays with them how they need it to be. They are lucky I don’t really care due to depression and anxiety. If I did care my parents would be with me.

I don’t want to make things worse for my parents by putting my foot down and saying they are staying with me. Mom already worries about me enough. Guaranteed if my sister or one of my male cousins were sick like me Nannie would not be as demanding.

Please keep in mind this woman didn’t want my dad and had a Nannie raise him. She treats my mom like as second class citizen and made it clear she didn’t want me when I was still a fetus. She got a TV for Christmas one year from my parents and it wasn’t big enough so she complained about it until my aunt took her to get a bigger TV.


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