Mom knows I can’t do much and I have naps all the time. She also knows that I sleep a lot when menstruating and that I have depression. She is staying with me for Christmas and was out with her friends. I was having a nap when she came home. She thought I was over dosing on something. She asked me what I took. My cats were on me, also sleeping. I do have a suicidal kick to me, but she shouldn’t assume I am dying when I am having naps. She will be worried all the time. I need naps like a child.

I won’t take pills for my cramps because I am already on so much medication. It isn’t fun and I don’t really do anything other than sleep and eat when I have it.

Also why the hell would I wait until mom came to visit to kill myself? I would clearly do it alone so that my landlord would find me.


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