I am not broken. I am exactly how I was built. I have a chemical imbalance which causes me to have anxiety as a disease. Nothing made me this way, it is just how I am. I refuse to be treated poorly because of my disease. I am the reason why all the bus drivers had to go to a passenger’s rights course. I am in constant fight or flight mode. That isn’t really someone you want to mess with, especially if they are a touch crazy, like me.

I have to answer my phone because I am fighting with the government for rights and proper treatment. When ever I start crying , which is usually within the first 60 seconds, they always ask if they should call back. I say no, because they are just going to give me an other panic attack. I can’t talk on the phone without having a panic attack. It is in my notes about my disease and how badly I have it. They work with the mentally ill they should know this and read my file, before they call. Why are you calling me about my case if you haven’t read up on how limited I am at doing things? At least I can force myself to answer . Some people can’t.


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