I got a massage today because I could no longer turn my head to left with out shooting pain. I also couldn’t bend. I finally found a massage therapist who isn’t a talker. It was so nice. Wesker always sits by my face so I can dangle my arms down and pet her. She looks up at me and purrs. So I am being massaged getting all the knots worked out and I have the most relaxing sound, sweet loud purrs. I made sure I put her name in my phone. I have been looking for a regular massage therapist and we have winner!

The others were all very nice but they liked to talk. That is fine when healthy, but it gives me anxiety. I don’t have the heart to tell them that talking to people I don’t know gives me anxiety. I understand wanting to talk. I am a chatter when I am healthy. I am horribly unwell and it relaxes my body but I freak knowing I have to talk to a stranger.


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