I am not too keen on my new social worker. I hope it is just because she doesn’t know me yet. Not only did she cancel my evaluation and tell me there isn’t any tests to see if I have anything other than anxiety, but she also didn’t listen to me and she made me uncomfortable. She didn’t talk and just stared at me for an uncomfortable about of time. I am kind of weird and wanted to see how long she would go. It went so long that I talked but she didn’t talk back. She told me she was going to help me but how can she treat me if I don’t know what is “normal” or if I have something along with my anxiety. I openly talked about threatening to kill myself to get evaluated and she told me no evaluation would show anything that they already didn’t know.

I am very concerned that my mental health professionals know about everything and tell me it is nothing. I thought it was normal until I asked them if it was normal or not. Stop trying to make plans on how to help me until you know what exactly I need help with. I know I am not over reacting because I asked two health care specialists in different provinces and they told me it is ridiculous I am how I am and no one has given me any tests yet.


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