My new social worker and the psychologicalist at the free health clinic decided with out meeting me to disregard my old social workers wishes and canceled my evaluation. They said it was pointless where I have anxiety. They mean to tell me they can find out if it is all anxiety or anxiety with something else by a family Dr’s diagnosis. They know I some times identify as a black male. I am a white girly female… They also don’t seem to care that my hullincinations are getting worse and more often. Because I have anxiety it is like they refuse to see if I have anything else or not. It is so infuriating. I am probably going to lodge a formal complaint, but not before talking to my old social worker and asking her what she thinks I should do. It took her a year to get me that appointment then they just cancel it with out telling me or her. My psychologist didn’t do any tests on me. He got the diagnoses from my family dr who referred me and just started giving me more anti depressants, Ativan and tranquilizers.


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