My friends were talking about their dreams. One had a dream where she went to Disney land and her wife had one where she had an ear infection. I then proceeded to tell them what I dreamt the night before.

I was in a church pew hiding from a killer who was nailing a man to the large wooden cross. Once nailed up the killer then proceeded to cut open the stomach and slowly began to reach in and pull out the man’s intestines. I have had dreams like this since I can remember. Some times I am the one being killed and ‘played with ‘ other times it is someone else and I am trying to get away. My dreams are either boring ( me just doing every day things) or fucked up. The killers in my dreams like to play with internal organs while the victim is still alive. I assume this is a product of watching things about rapists and murders at an extremely young age. I knew about rape by age 5. My grandmother who molested as a child made sure my sister and I knew about so it wouldn’t happen to us. The result is both of us are overly cautious. I was so young 3 or 4 when I had a nightmare that Ronald McDonald cut children into tiny pieces and flushed them down the toilet. Yet, not afraid of clowns….


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I LOVE dreams – especially really creepy ones… I love your image, too, of the smiley face covering up a face.. it reminds me of the cover of my book that i’m in the process of publishing – it’s called Masquerade. I actually think you would like it – i describe my dreams in it.. and they are creepy like yours! I think we have a lot in common!

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    1. Ooo. I will check it out. Please let me know when I can. Because my dreams are scary I love scary things. It became a coping mechanism. They used to be nightmares. I had to learn to force myself awake. Then it slowly went to me just waking up for a second and falling back asleep right away. Now I just sleep through them.

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