I flipping love Halloween. I love everything about it. So fun. I would be crushed if I couldn’t do my annual spook movie fest with my love. We have been doing it since high school and have only missed three years. One of us was living in a different country at the time. She makes me a huge feast of Halloween themed goodies. I eat way too much and make a huge glutton of myself. I won’t eat all day so I can stuff as much of her yummy cooking and baking into me. We have a lot of veggies, so it isn’t bad for me. I just eat tons.

We watch horror movies that are older than 1980. One has to have Vincent Price in it. This year is all going to be Vinny P. movies. This year I got an invitation that said I ‘better be there, or else!’ Like I would pass on a night in a safe place with lots of food and I can do laundry. Plus I am crazy and people have to come get me or I can’t go places so I know how I am getting there and back. I can’t take Wesker as she has cats and they don’t like strange animals. She wouldn’t make me cab with Wesker anyway.

So anxiety you can’t take away Halloween because all I care about is my movie night. New Years, also not a problem. I always just have my best friend sleep over and we have a slumber party with just the two of us. This is what happens when you meet your soul mate in elementary and have traditions that have been since high school.


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