My cousin and I were talking about how ridiculous it is that I am not allowed a hysterectomy because I am too young and don’t have children. Forget that my period makes me vomit and pass out from the pain. I have shingles and kidney stones with no pain killers. I have a high pain tolerance. I don’t cry when I break bones. It is because I am a woman. If men had periods they would allow people to get it taken out. I can get unnecessary cosmetic surgery, yet not a surgery that would drastically improve a full week to a week and a half a month. I would also not have to take birth control just so I don’t wake up in pools of my own blood and vomit. I don’t want kids, never had. Even if I did I would get a pre-made one. I don’t get the biological need to have your own DNA.

My cousin and I were talking about this at his place during pay per view wresting with some friends. One mutual friend told me to say I was tansgendered and after they take out my lady parts say I change mind. I was insulted, also that wouldn’t work! I have to be on hormones and live as a male for a year before they would consider it. I don’t want to be a man. I just want to be able to have a surgery to improve my health. I still want my vagina I just don’t want my uterus and ovaries. Damn ovaries always getting cysts on them.

The guy has a female to male Trans friend and he said I could try to do the same, but just get what I want taken out. I don’t think he understands what he was saying was very offensive. It is 20017 there is no reason anyone should not be accepting and educate them selves. I am not going to lie and I am going to keep complaining and making a fuss until people understand my body my choice! Bring on early menopause I already have most the symptoms anyway. If I wasn’t already putting all my energy into fighting for my rights as someone with a mental health disease I would be getting petitions signed and be demanding what is best for my health. You’d think 11 yrs of asking for the surgery would tip them off I don’t want to birth a child.


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