My social worker is a saint and Angel but she asked me if I still needed my cat with me when alone. I had the cat with me when she asked. From the beginning I could not have been more clear that I don’t want to bring my cat with me everywhere. She is trained to be a service cat now. She is terrified to go outside not in her carrier. She is happy as can be to go out in her carrier. She loves it and meows at people to say ‘hello’. She loves people and is very friendly. I don’t want to bring her around with me. She now thinks that she needs to go out with me all the time. I don’t know how more clear I can be that she is a legit service cat and without her I can not leave my house for long before having a crippling panic attack.

They tell me at the mental health center I can’t bring my cat to group therapy there. It is illegal to not allow service animals, but I don’t care to go to their therapy anyway. It is about accepting having anxiety or depression. I have never had that problem. I view it like a disease and do not understand the stigma and don’t care if people know. I have anxiety with a side of depression and paranoia. People need to deal with it. If I have to live in hell the least people can do is let me bring my cat who allows me to leave the house without an other person. I live alone. I can’t have someone take me everywhere I have to go. It is illegal for anyone to not allow me to bring her where ever I go.


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