I am usually crying already when I get to group therapy. When we go around and talk about ourselves I don’t really say much. I am always willing to speak or do exercises in front of everyone. Even with anxiety I really have no shame. How am I to get better if I don’t try what professionals tell me to do?

I always have a zip lock bag full of kleenex and an empty one for the tissue when used and all snotty. When some next to me begins to cry I whip out my soft tissue for them instead of the cheap stuff supplied there. When you cry as much as I do it makes a difference. A lady was next to me and was saying that she didn’t know why she was so depressed and tired all the time. She then went on to say she lost her dog, sister, both parents, and three friends all in one year. I start crying heavily because my heart just breaks for her. Everyone stopped to see if I was okay. I had ahold of her hand and was telling the woman it is okay and to let out her tears, as she was balling too. I looked at the rest of the group and just asked them why they were concerned about me, when she was the one in pain. It is call empathy look it up people. No wonder the poor woman was having problems so much grief. Where do you even begin to start healing? Clearly this group isn’t the best at comforting who needs it.


2 thoughts on “And I am the weird one…

  1. Hey, I’m just wondering what your views on therapy are? Do you think it’s beneficial for you? I’ve been suggested therapy by a few different people but I’ve never liked the idea of it, just wondering what other people think 🙂 x

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    1. I will try anything to get better. I can’t get one on one therapy unless I walk into a hospital and tell them my plan to kill myself and and actually going to do it. I am currently kicking up a fuss about that. If you have therapy and it is covered try it. Can’t hurt.

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