City transit bus driver just told me to find an other mode of transportation because if someone is allergic to Wesker. I have been taking her on it for a year and they don’t seem to care it is illegal to not serve me as I have a service cat. The bus driver and I had a nice fight about it. Way to go big man. You made a girl with horrible anxiety have a panic attack. No one is answering their phone at dispatch either for me to complain to.

He stopped the bus and tried to get me to get off of it and I flat out refused siting the compassionate care companion bi-laws. At my stop he got off the bus to tell me to get an other mode of transportation because people are allergic to cats and I was hiding her. I wasn’t hiding her she stays in her carrier when out. She is trained to do so! She puts her paws on the window and looks out. I told him it is the same as him kicking off a blind person with a dog. His response to that was ‘people are allergic’. I told him he was being illegal, which he was, and I calling the main office. No one is answering though. I am livid! As if being in a hell of my minds own creation isn’t enough. I have to fight for my right to have a service animal.


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