I always believe that when parents say they love all their children the same. My grandparents clearly had favorites. I was my momma’s favorite and my sister was my Nannie and papa’s. My parents told us they didn’t have a favorite child. I believe them. I don’t have a favorite parent. I love both of them the same amount but for different reasons. They both have always loved my sister and I unconditionally. I just assume people love their children more than I love my fur babies, which is with all of my heart. I also don’t have a favorite fur baby. I love Padiddle and Wesker equally but differently. I didn’t think I could love another fur baby as much as Padiddle. I was wrong. It also helps that they love each other too. They will cuddle together all of the time. It is the best when they both sit on me. They snuggle pile me like I am also a cat.


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