I got in trouble for telling my cousins about my Nannie having cancer. Is isn’t my place. You know I am enraged when I am anxiety riddled and am still angry and don’t care who is mad at me. Damn right, I am going to tell them! I love them like they are my brothers if they knew and didn’t tell me I would be pissed. ( If healthy. I get people hiding things from me because I openly talk about my mental health and really have to drill in I am not mentally well at all) It is like my mom having cancer and me not telling my sister. No one told me not to say anything. No one said it was a secrete. I am going to immediately ask my sister and my two cousins if they knew and why no one told me. They are family. I tell them everything! Turns out Mom did tell me but I forgot. I had to go through that experience twice. Go memory loss! I am not mad anymore, since I was told. I thought they needed to know. They love her to bits. I am also not 100% convinced Mom told me before about the cancer. I do have bad memory loss though. I don’t think I would forget that though.


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