Mental health specialists keep telling me that my self confidence is a big deal. That it is good that I don’t have to over come accepting my anxiety and who I am with it. I have always had it. It isn’t impressive when you think everyone has it until you are in your 20s then view it for what it is, a disease.

I have always liked who I am. I am far too anxious to ever be mean or cruel on purpose. It is also just horrible to be an awful person on purpose. I am pinkie pie from my little pony. I may not be for everyone, but I like how I am. When healthy I am a ball of sunshine and kindness. When told I should not compare to how I am to how I am when healthy I get a bit upset. I refuse to believe that I won’t some how get better and be the fluffy, fun, easy going person.

If I didn’t like who I was I would be dead by now. Sure I am not exactly useful in the grand scheme of things. I feel that everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives and that is where I come in.


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