I have never been under the impression that I was normal.  I just always thought I was a free spirit. I don’t care what other people think. I will sing and dance in public, when healthy. I have little to no shame. I throw my crazy put there from the get go. I have never hidden it or tried to be someone that I am not. I didn’t know there was still a stigma on people who had mental health issues until several professionals told me. They commend me for being upfront and accepting my disease. It isn’t commendable when you have always had it and thought it was normal. If people are assholes to me about my anxiety I just stay away from them. 
   I am a bit too blunt when it comes to mental health. I don’t always notice when people are being mean to me. I just feel sorry that they are assholes and go on my merry little way. In group when people say it is hard to fake who they are and when people come to visit it is nice but they stay too long. I ask why not tell them you are tired and need to have a nap? They say because no one knows and are scared they won’t still be friends.  My response is if they don’t still love you then who needs them. It is though love but how else are you supposed to get support and love from them?  They can’t help you if they don’t know anything is wrong? It is terrifying for people, but so liberating to just have everything on the table. I also don’t get the shame aspect. I know it is there, but have never felt it. 


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