Mom is coming three times between now and the end of the year. My parents live in the States. She is coming home for her best friend’s (who is like a sister to her and a Aunt to my sister and me) 70th surprise birthday party, her 30th nursing school reunion, and Christmas. She usually stays with me most of the time. She can’t this year though because my grandmother almost died last month and can’t even bath herself or get dressed. An aneurysm bleed in her brain. She is getting better little by little. She is 91 and my aunt sleeps at her place every night. Mom will be looking after my Nannie when she comes down.

       I feel bad because I am really upset that she won’t be with me. I am a huge mommy’s girl and I am so sick. I can hardly bath and feed myself and all I want is my mom ( I love Dad just as much, but crying makes him uncomfortable and all I do is cry.) I would never tell her not to stay with Nannie.  She is a very sick 91 year old woman. My aunt looks after her and needs a break. I just want to yell at them and tell them they have the room and just have Nannie move in until she is better. I know it is horribly selfish but I am sick too just in a different way.  I will still see Mom but it isn’t the same. I can’t  be away from the house too long and she can’t be away from Nannie too long. 


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