I scolded my friend when she told me that she had been thinking about putting her cat down do she could kill herself. She said she liked how I told her she couldn’t kill her cat and you have to wait that shit out. She loves her cat as much as I love mine. I know she is in a bad place and you don’t need people to tell preach at you. We just need someone to listen a safe space. She knows I don’t judge. I told her that her cat loved her more than life, because she does, and we have to wait until they die to kill ourselves if that is what we want to do. We adopted them and now they are our responsibility. This is why Mom made me get an other cat to bond with because she knew if something happened to Padiddle I would kill myself as we have a sucide pact. First one of us that does the other kills themself. Now that we have Wesker it is after the first two die. I assume I am going to be the first to go, as they both have to live forever. My tender heart couldn’t bear it.


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