I just want to lay down and accept defeat, but my rage anxiety won’t allow it. There is something in me that just is enraged that it is so hard for people with anxiety and depression to get help. If I want to just lay down and die then what about the people who don’t have a strong support system? I just want to shake the government and scream help me! I am on disability yet I can’t get the disability tax credit so they take money out of my 800 I get to live off of every month. How the hell am I supposed to live off of this? It doesn’t even cover my bills.  They don’t cover my medication and I don’t get therapy for my disease. I have a social worker. God bless that woman. She actually cares. I don’t know what I would do with out her. I don’t have anyone else to call people and do paper work for me since my brain is mush and pouring out all the holes in my body. 


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