If you can’t draw anatomy then you have no business having a colouring book. I hate it when adult colouring books find it acceptable to have artists who can’t do hands or feet. It ruins the picture when the hands or feet are awful and the rest of the picture is beautiful. They also think it is okay to have things not line up or to have a wonky off eye. I love to colour. I draw so that I can colour what is in my head. There is no excuse for poor craftsmanship. I learned how to draw by doing hands over and over and over again. Literally drawing 101 at Carroll Community College in MD. It makes me angry that no one notices in the publishing. Apparently these are known artists doing these pictures. If you can’t draw a bare foot put footwear on them. I have to look through colouring books to make sure the anatomy is correct. A lot of them have club feet and hands with sausage fingers all the same size. It annoys me that no one caught or cared about this when putting it out there for people to colour. I am not the best drawer, but I can shade and colour like a mo’fo.

This picture is one I did when I was drawing hands to learn to draw them in different positions.


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