When people think that I am a wuss for complaining about my period and that every female has lady blood sport (what I call my period) . I asked them if they all black out and vomit in pain? Does it feel like their uterus is trying to rip itself out of their body? Do they all get get hot flashes, and migraines? No? Then shut the eff up! I am in birth control which makes me not hemerage and it is not two weeks anyone just one. It also makes it so that I am not bed ridden during it. It is so bad that people think I am horribly ill and want to take me to the hospital or tell me to go home from work. 
         I already have hot flashes so I say let’s take that puppy out. I say take the ovaries too so I don’t get anymore freaking cysts on them. I can’t even bend over when I have an ovarian cyst. They hurt so bad when they burst, but at least then you can bend again. People always think I have to go to the hospital if on the same side of my pancreas they think it is serious. It is serious in the sense that it hurts and I can’t laugh, bend, our cough, without a black dot in the center of my vision. When they burst I am bed ridden for a day or two.  Not life threatening or any thing I have to go to the hospital. 


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