I went out with my friend who says she misses me at work. She says it isn’t the same and she just wants me to be okay and healthy. She told me I showed her it was okay to fully embrace who you are and not to be ashamed. She said I broke her out of her shell. This is not the first time I have hear this from someone. When you grow up having anxiety and facing a daily war, that you think is normal and is just what life is, you tend not to give two craps what anyone else thinks. I have fought through anxiety and depression with out knowing what they were. I didn’t know what to call these feelings. Nothing anyone says could hurt me if I don’t care about them. My anxiety beats me up all the time.  Nothing is worse than my sick mind. It is dark and scary.  I seek what makes me happy and don’t care. I brag about my pony train. I the way I see it if you don’t like me then don’t talk to me. Easy enough. I don’t need more friends. I have plenty of good friends and a loving family. I always knew I was a bit of a free spirit, but I am odd as well. I know it and I don’t care. When people make fun of me for liking My little pony at my age, I just blankly look at them and ask if they are telling me friendship isn’t magic? Because I have proof it is. I screamed ‘Friendship is magic’ when I got my Xbox one at Christmas from my cousin who got our family and mutual friends to go in and buy it for me. 


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