I have an a BA in history. I have always been asked ‘what are you going to do with that? Be a teacher’ I don’t want to teach snot nosed brats.  People here view education as a waste of time if it doesn’t get you a job in that field. If I could I would become a Dr in history. Oh how wonderful that would be. Education is never a waste of time. Take what you are passionate about and it is a burden of love. 
I get told the joke ‘What did the BA graduate say the first day on the job?’ I always look blankly at them not responding. The they do the punch line ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Because I never laugh people feel the need to explain it to me. I then explain how it is insulting and education is never a waste of time and the joke isn’t funny. They still go on about how it is funny and explain it more. I have to to say I get it, but it is offensive to people who have struggled hard through school to get their degree and that arts isn’t a free ride. It teaches people to think on their own. Through out history it is the scholars and philosphers that have been killed to keep the masses from thinking for themselves. You don’t tell an asshole joke to someone who the joke is about. 
I also get told although perky and chipper most of the time (when healthy) that I seem smart and wise beyond my years. I am a historian! I write papers and thesis for fun. Learning is entertainment to me. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. 


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