I went grocery shopping today since tomorrow is Canada day. A women next to me in line dropped something and it fell near me so I picked it up for her. She was impressed and said ‘You never see that anymore’. I am anxiety riddled tears in my eyes, service cat with me. It is just good manners and is second nature to me. If you can move to pick it up, you do. It is just common decentcey. Is this not common? I also hold doors open for people and it is considered rude not to. Is this not normal? I always think people are rude when they don’t,  but they usually do for me. I can’t tell if this is a Jenny thing  since I wear dresses all the time and am adorable, or if it is a real thing. I do know I get treated differently when I dress like a normal person because of my Anxiety than when I dress like myself.  I just assumed it was my clear don’t talk to me vibe, but maybe people are just rude. 


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