I went out with a friend today and she has been trying to get me together with this guy that she still works with and I used to work with. She asked if I had any feelings for him and I said I like him as a friend. She said that she thought that we would make a good couple because he just gets me and I get him. I agreed, but said when I was around him I felt like a little boy nerding out. I then said ‘I don’t want my partner to make me feel like a little boys’. I agree on paper we work, but nothing is there we are like two little boys, as I said. She got the point when I put it like that. He is going to make some woman very happy, just not me. It isn’t my fault that I sometimes feel like the opposite gender. I have had bro-mances in the past. I reject labels and go based off of how someone makes me feel. Since I never learned gender roles growing up, I didn’t have any boundaries. Call me crazy but I want to feel like I am the most special girl in the world to my partner and vise versa. 
The dude who offered me casual sex twice, told me I deserve ‘the one’ after I explained why I would never have sex with him and that I refuse to settle for anything but true love. I was like, damn right I deserve it! I have never wavered in thinking this. I might not be pretty,  but I deserve someone who thinks I am beautiful inside and out and want to be with me forever. If I don’t find it then, meh. I have never been afraid of being alone, nor have I ever wanted children of my own. I assume all children were an accident except for adopted ones, because that is how my mind works.


3 thoughts on “No thanks.

  1. You don’t deserve the best! Don’t ever feel guilty about that! Life is too short- never settle. I have been waiting for the right person to come around and have finally found my independence and self respect x

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