I went to get a massage today due to me barely being able to move. I had what I call juggarknots that made it impossible to even bend over or sit. It felt like I had a kidney stone.  I also had one on my neck that was the size of a large egg and the one I couldn’t reach under my shoulder blade. The people who worked there were fine with me bringing Wesker since she is a legit service animal. Wesker greeted everyone with a meow and I told the other clients it was my service animal just saying hi. A man looked at me like I had to heads and said ‘What the hell is a service cat?’ I believe service animal pretty much sums up what she is. 
      I went to the city market to get stuff for supper. I paid for my stuff at my favorite produce place and tried to leave. There was a woman holding onto my cat carrier holding me back so she could talk to my cat. I told her that Wesker was a service animal, but she didn’t let go. It is common sense you do not touch other people’s animals without consent, little lone hold back the human by force. Yes she is cute, yes she meows hello,  no you should not be touching her with out my consent. I am trying to get her to stop meowing just to get attention, but people won’t let me train her. They don’t get she is on the job and is strictly there’s so that I can go out of the house. 


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