My friends with anxiety can’t watch any type of scary movie or show when it acts up and they are having a bad spell. I however have a love for cheesy horror movies, but I tend to be able to handle more things when sick. I have horrible nightmares always have. I am now desensitized to them. I either wake up for a second and roll back over asleep or I just sleep through them. I have had them my whole life. I was terrified of Ronald McDonal because as a child I had a dream on him chopping children up and flushing their pieces down the toilet. I am no longer afraid of him, but as a child and young teen I wouldn’t walk near any figure of him that they had in the stores.  
I do still stay away from shock horror, human centipede, rape,  and animal or child abuse. I know my normal self can’t take it and I don’t ever want to be desensitized to it. My sister loves the movie Mr Tusk, because it is a Kevin Smith movie. She loves that man. I couldn’t watch it all. Even when sick. Unless it is horribly done and clearly fake I don’t like gore for gore’s sake. At least seven and the first saw movie there was a better plot than sowing people just for the hell of it. 
When I go see horror movies in the theater I usually giggle because I find them amusing and cheesy. I love jump scares even when I know they are coming. 


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