So I have an alter ego named Ta’Ta. It is me, but when I get flamboyant or angry. I get the head swivel,  and I get my finger out and snap. You can tell when that side of my personailty. I also am like that when I feel fierce.  Make-up, hair,  accessories, girly girl, yet strong. That is Ta’Ta. My friends named that side of my personailty. Sadly I don’t get to express myself like that anymore. So my cousin said I should do something where I say my take on different things. I said I should call it ‘Ta’Ta’s take’. I am extremely tempted to try this when I am better. 


5 thoughts on “Ta’Ta (Tay Tay)

    1. Ahh. Love it. Ta’Ta just tells it like it is. No bullshit no sass talk nothing. I won’t take it. Something just snaps and I am like ‘Hell to the no.’ It just naturally comes out. It is when Ta’Ta is out that I will tell people I will cut a bitch and I mean it. People don’t expect it from what they think is a shy girl with no self esteem. Ta’Ta does not play that way. I also get aggressive when men try to pick up my friends and they have politely been told no and we are just out with the girls. I have been know to tell men to come at me and see how far they get. You do not mess with crazy and Ta’Ta is definitely a few cards short of a full deck.

      Maybe we need our alter egos due to our anxiety? Just a way we learned to cope?

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      1. She sounds awesome not an asshole! Its not unusual she comes out when men mess with her and her loved ones. I also have a lot of fire when it comes to reacting to men. I think it is because we have both been disempowered by men x I think we created TaTa and Meme because when if we acted like that ourselves we would feel guilty x

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      2. So true. MeMe and Ta’Ta would be awesome together. I once got punched in the boob by a man because he wouldn’t leave my friend alone. I told him to back the hell off my woman. I go right to lesbian when assholes won’t leave my girls alone. Apparently I gave him a look a death as I told him to leave before I ripped him apart. He then left realizing he punched a girl.

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      3. I think women can be tougher than men as you described! At least your boobies are cushions haha x they say the most dangerous animal isn’t the lion but the protective lionness with her cubs x

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