People always assume since I am larger and because I appear super girly that I am not strong our that I am out of shape. I feel out of shape since I got sick and gained a ton of weight. I work out everyday and do yoga on top of that. I can lift my own body weight and can pick up things that people assume are too heavy for me. I have muscle it is just under my fat. I also have a hard time knowing how hard to throw something as a light toss for me ends up being a big throw. At parties straight guys who I don’t know always tell me to punch them… I don’t know why.. I say they don’t want that because I will hurt them. They assure me I won’t and say to punch as hard as I can. I do punch them, but not as hard as I can and they always get hurt. What did they think was going to happen? I told them it would hurt so I won’t give it all I have.

When I get angry I get stronger. So I will throw things, but like plastic bags or a clean tissue, so that I get my rage out but there is no way anyone can get hurt, or I don’t ruin anything. Don’t mess with the mentally unstable because we have a special rage strength. 


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