A friend just moved home due to anxiety. He had posted on Facebook that he had moved back and he was anxious and depressed. I reached out to him, because I know what it is like to be depressed and have anxiety.  I told him how hard a time I am having and how he would have to come here because I can’t leave my house much. If I do leave I would have to bring my service animal. I told him how I get panic attacks all the time and am just an anxiety riddled mess. Days after he came over he said that he thought it was a booty call… WTF?!? I am anxiety riddled. He knew I couldn’t barely keep alive, as I told him when we were talking about our illnesses before he came over. Knowing I am super anxious, have panic attacks all the time, and I may have to re-schudeal if I have a panic attack, some how equals I want sex?  I don’t get how anyone could think someone who is as openly sick as I am would even be capable of any sort of sex or anything. We never spoke of sex only of our diseases and the hell they have caused us. He figured it was literally just for company and have someone to know what he was going through around, when I never made a move on him.


3 thoughts on “I don’t understand straight men …

  1. I don’t think all men are like that. I think some men are like vultures who think that by prying on vulnerable women they are can take advantage. Good on your for not taking shit! Be careful who you share your stuff with x I have had a few guys tuned into it and they have the shock of their lives when I said no x

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    1. Oh I know all straight men aren’t like that. I have some good straight male friends where it has always been platonic on both sides. He tried a second time letting me know he is okay with sex with me… I already told him I don’t have sex the first time he told me. I got the message, now get mine. No. Ugh.

      I get the vultures because they think I have no self-esteem. Jokes on them I have tons, just have anxiety. I get aggressive when they don’t take no for an answer. Makes me so mad.

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