It never occurs to me that people aren’t being themselves. I take people at face value, since I am open about everything. I don’t care if you like me or not. In that same vain I am a people person and normally like going out. I have been told since I was little by peers that they admire how I just don’t care and how exhausting it is to be someone they aren’t. I felt sorry for them. You can not restrain me from being me. If you don’t like chipper, kind people then I don’t need you. I have an odd sense of self. I know I deserve the best as everyone does. I am not going to be friends with someone and change who I am around them. I had to push through having anxiety my whole life. I don’t have time for those who externally won’t accept me. Nothing they can say is worse than what my anxiety tells me. I have lived with hell internally and I refuse to be around those who don’t accept and love me for me. It also doesn’t hurt that I always had a supportive family and I met my soul mate in 1993. 


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