There are a lot of crazy people who do not take their medican uptown.  No wonder because if you need help the government makes it hard for you to receive what is needed for mental health issues. The uptown crazy is a special breed of insane that has no filter and is legit insane. They tell me I am weird for having a service cat… That is the pot calling the kettle black. I know I am not okay, but I am not as insane as you hooker with three teeth who likes to kiss clothing at stores. 

     I was in a store today and Wesker was crying because people were around and she wanted people to pay attention to her. A crazy asked what that sound was. Now this is not unusual,  what is unusual is looking in my carrier at Wesker and asking me ‘is that what you call a cat?’ If it looks and sounds like a cat chances are it is one. I want to know what she thinks a cat is?


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