I am on disability for anxiety. I can barely leave my home and some person from soical services came to see me without setting up a time first. So dude just rolls up to someone who has crippling anxiety and just expects me to answer the door. Hell to the no. You don’t just drop in on someone with anxiety unannounced and expect them to answer the door. Also why the hell is social assistance coming to my house? I am on disability,  which they have made very clear are two different fractions of the government and that is why I don’t deserve benefits. I have to go throughout all this red tape to get me the medican I need for my disability. It is well documented that I suffer from horrible anxiety. Honestly some people just don’t think, or they are thick as hell.


8 thoughts on “Really?

      1. It needs to be sorted out! All other health care services are invested, why is mental health lagging behind? I understand where you coming from. It is hard to get better when the tools are given to you. I believe in you ❤

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      2. My social worker helps a lot. I also have no shame in going to places and having a panic attack. So I go and make them help me while I am having a panic attack. They have to talk to me like I am a child for me to understand what is going on, but I stay there until I do. They always ask if there’s a better time for me to get help. I say this is why I need help, anxiety. I feel bad for the people who get me in the government offices.

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