So my cousin asked me to go over and wait for a UPS guy yesterday. This is not an easy thing to do for the mentally ill. I trotted on down with Wesker and anxiously waited all day. The guy didn’t show up. So I went again today only right before I got to his place I got a text saying UPS was there but didn’t ring the buzzer. My cousin is livid at this point because for a week the UPS guy has not been buzzing the buzzer. So I said I would just come again tomorrow for him. Scottie, my cousin, is very upset, which is understandable. I even full of anxiety would do anything I could to help him. He does so much for me that I don’t care. I will cry and have a crippling panic attack after I sign for the box. I love him that much. Scott knows how bad my anxiety is so he feels bad for asking, but I flat out told him not to be. If I can move my body I will be there for him. Wesker is with me so I am actually able to go and do stuff for him like that. 


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