Once people find out that I have a bunny they all try to give me rabbits.  Pets that they or people they know got and now are re-homing. Maude, my bunny, is a free range house bunny.  This means she is litter trained and the apartment is bunny proofed so she can’t hurt herself, or ruin anything. She isn’t a big chewer but every now and then she gets into something. I only need or want one rabbit. I have two cats. I can’t even afford to look after the fur babies I have. Mom and dad pay for my cats and my friend got me my rabbit and pays for everything for her.  He said I needed a rabbit as they make me happy. He was right. 

     Animals are not something to get when small and when they are full grown you get rid of them and get something new. When I get a fur baby they are with me until either they pass away or I do. If I die before them they are to go to my parents or friend.  I have it all arranged. Animals are part of the family. It disgusts me that people get rabbits or cats when they are babies and just set them free when they are an adult. They are domesticated, not wild. Chances are that rabbit is going to die. Cats it is about 50/50.

 Maude came from a farm, not a breeder  where she was a house bunny. She was full grown when I got her. I don’t care what a rabbit looks like, as they are all adorable. I just want one with a sweet, kind, temperament that loves to be held and cuddled. She has a weak hop which I find adorable.


2 thoughts on “Bunny Love 

  1. I have bad 2 indoor bunnies years ago. They were so sweet. Yours is adorable!!!!

    I could never give away my dog or leave my dog behind if I ever had to move. Just couldn’t do it. Just the thought makes me nauseous.

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    1. Thank you. My last bunny died of old age in my arms. She kept having seizures. I love her so much still. My oldest cat is 16. My animals are my children and I am their human. Once I adopt them there is no giving them away.


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