When healthy I am a people person. I love working with people and being around them. I am not scared of them. I am full of joy and love. I radiate just a happy, carefree, and loving vibe. People I don’t know well at all tell me their secretes. They don’t know I won’t tell anyone. I come across as trustworthy.  They are right that I won’t want say anything. If it in no way breaks the law they are correct. I won’t say anything. I believe that you should be able to speak freely at all times and not be judged. When healthy I will talk to anyone. I will dance and sing in public. 
   When sick I don’t want to ever be around anyone. People are too much. They terrify me. When I do hang out with people I come across as bored or not having a fun time. The dead pan face and lack of energy throws people off. My aunt looked me in the face, then turned to my mom and asked her where her Jenny was. She had never seen me sick with anxiety before. There is either hyper anxiety or I am numb. There is no middle ground. People seem far more concerned when I am numb, than when I am having a panic attack, which I find odd. The reason I am numb is because I am just drained from having so many mother licking panic attacks.


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