I find it ludicrous that in this day and age you have to educate people about mental illness. It is common enough that mass education is required. Like how we learn about sex ed and eating disorders in grade school and middle school (it was still Jr high when I went.)
    I find it odd that people need to be told depressed and anxious people are often the most positive people. We have to be. Our minds twist everything and if we didn’t adapt to look at the positive and hold on to that we would all be dead. Common sense would tell you that one. Like eating disorders you can’t always tell by looking. We seem fine because that is how me make it through life sometimes. Faking our own personalities until either we can’t anymore or it gets better.   Maybe it is only common sense for those who have or have been around or studied depression and anxiety. I feel as if it isn’t a hard concept to grasp, yet people are always surprised. 


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