I don’t wear pants often and when I do they are pin up style. I love dresses and have mostly vintage styles,  some with a twist, like modren/adorable fabrics. My mother sews, so she makes me a lot of my dresses. The problem with wear cute cardigans and vintage clothing is that I get stopped alot to be told that people love my outfits. Now this would sound like bragging if I didn’t have horrible anxiety.  I don’t want to be stopped, but I won’t be rude to kind people. I don’t like wearing jeans and a t shirt most of the time. I have anxiety, but it hasn’t killed my style. I love fashion and make-up. I walk around with a parasol, cute looking dresses, and a cat in a purse looking carrier. I don’t care that I don’t look like I belong anywhere in my city. I can’t handle dressing in jeans when I go out all the time anymore. It makes me feel worse. I just want my happy colorful beautiful dresses and skirts back, but with out being spoken to. This makes me feel like a horrible human for not wanting warm and kind contact with people. 
  My bunny also has fun style.


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