I don’t find crying in public embarrassing.  I have always done it. I used to think I was a crier, but turns out it was my untreated anxiety. No one ever told me not to cry and if they did I just yelled ‘I can’t!’. For me anxiety has always been there on and off. If you yell anywhere around me I will cry. It is like hitting me. I expect people to be compassionate and understanding. If they aren’t I don’t need them. 
      I talk about my anxiety a lot. I am sure it must be annoying,  but it is more annoying to have it. My life is anxiety riddled. It is hard to do anything so of course I talk about it. It is pretty much my whole life.  It prevents me from living a productive life. I can barely look after myself. So crying and anxiety talk is going to be what I bring to the table especially when asked how I  doing. 


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