I love video games. I have an Xbox one, two 360s, a game cube, ps1 , ps2, and a ds. I used to think I was horrible at all video games as I still can’t get past level 3 in world 1 of the original super Mario’s game. Turns out I was playing the wrong types of games. I am good at RPGs like Zelda,  skyrim, dragon age, ect and amazing at survival games like silent Hill, the evil within, resent evil ( my personal favorite) , ect.  
   My friend tried to set me up once with one of her other friends. I asked her questions about him and she answered them, but she answered wrong. I soon found out within 20 mins of talking to him that we were not compatible at all. When he told he didn’t play video games and does not like Resident Evil.  I was like ‘nope’. He has a more serious dry personailty and was having none of my fancy freeness. Also I still think it is weird that a 35 year old male doesn’t know how to play any sort of video game. We grew up in the 80s and 90s.  I am a nerd. I don’t know why my friend thought the two of us would be a good match. My kitten’s name is Wesker and I collect monster high dolls that I like making clothing and accessories for. I love My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite. I have a functional train set that is my little pony. This guy and I can’t even be friends because we have nothing in common and his personality is that of dry toast. To quote the joker (who this guy has no idea who or what the joker is) ‘Why so serious?’


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