I have mentioned before how I see and hear things all the time that are not really there.  This causes me to be very jumpy because most of the time I don’t expect there to actually be someone there.  One time at work a girl was standing beside my cubical. She said she was there for about a minute just looking at me waiting to see how long it would take for me to notice her. When I finally did I screamed bloody murder. She scared me so bad my terrified scream filled the call center.  Everyone thought it was hilarious. They said I could clearly see her walk up and stand there from the corner of my eye. Yes, yes I could,  but I didn’t think it was real. They thought it was the best thing ever and were making fun of me relentlessly. They were amused by me being startled easily but more that I see things and didn’t think she was a real. My response was ‘ Yes, mental illness is hilarious.’ That stopped them from making fun of me. I was clearly actually frightened.  Again no one even my specialist seems worried that I have these hullications. I thought it was normal for anxiety sufferes. Apparently it is not and I am the only person who wants to know what is causing them. 


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