I don’t know how anyone gets through anxiety or depression with out an animal companion. They know when you need to just be cuddled or need extra attention. My tabby and I have an unhealthy co-defendant relationship.  She isn’t the same when I am not home, or so I am told. She just waits for me to come home. After 16 years she now knows I will always come back when I go on vacation so she doesn’t try to kill herself by giving up on life anymore. Since I got her when she was 4 weeks old and I had to bath and teach her how to do everything I am her ‘mother cat’. She baths me.

  I fear since my kitten (3yrs old) is a service animal that I am making her unhealthy attached to me too.  If I go out with a person and don’t bring her she isn’t too pleased. I am told she goes around room to room meowing for me. Padiddle does too, so now both do it. Poor little things. At least they have eachother when I leave them both.


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