I just got a phone call saying that I have to go and get print outs of how much my medication, dental,  and optics cost to prove I need them.  I knew about the medication but why the hell do people on disability not get coverage for said disability and just the bare bones basics like social assistance? I know two different fractions of the government,  blah, blah, blah. When accepted for disability,  which is not easy in New Brunswick,  I should get help with it along with my 800.00 a month that barely covers my rent and that is it. How am I supposed to get better?
    They won’t get me a specialist who will treat me mentally. Medicare only covers medication consultations. So it is all on group therapy which is run by a man who doesn’t believe in my type of anxiety, and my social worker. God bless my social worker.  She is a Saint. She called my member of parliament for me to get them to push on getting my disability tax done. I can’t get properly evaluated until I am approved for the dang disability credit. I can’t get my medacation covered until I get it either. They had apparently lost my second application and wanted me to reapply which costs 50$ that I don’t have to pay for a thrid application. She gets stuff done for me. Social workers are God’s gift to the mentally ill. ❤

   I had a bad morning in which I went through a big box of kleenex. That is a whole lot of snot and tears. No wonder I look like an abuse victim with two black eye. My best friend swooped in for the rescue. She come to me as soon as she was off work. Since 12 I have only used half a box of kleenex. Good thing I buy it in bulk at Costco.  


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